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People Helping People - Our Labor Day Heritage

It doesn't seem that we learned it in school. It may have been covered, but not with the emphasis that maybe it deserved.


It's amazing when you think about. Normal men and women standing up, risking their futures to make a better life for us all. People who paid the ultimate price so that we could make a reasonable living and still have time to live.

We barbeque, we splash and we play. Without the efforts, sacrifice and dedication of those who've gone before us, we wouldn't be able to do any of that.

You know what is even better? That spirit still lives on within each of us. Every time you stand up for someone else, every time you stand in the gap, every time you speak for those with no voice, you honor the spirit of all the brave men and women who've made better lives for us all.

We celebrate this spirit not only on Labor Day, but every time we remember that a lot of what we take for granted was actually hard won. Take a moment to remember.

Want to know more? Here is a link to a History Channel article about Labor Day.

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