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  • Kit Elliott

Simple Changes, Big Impact

As a nutritionist I’m often asked “what is one simple thing I can do to improve my health?” I’ll give you three.

Number one shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Drink more water. I’m not saying you cannot drink anything else, I’m saying drink your glass of water first. Have a 32oz soda if you must, just not until after your water. A myriad of health conditions are caused or complicated by chronic dehydration - headaches, fatigue, problems with blood pressure and/or cholesterol to name a few. I cannot think of a single body system or function that benefits from dehydration. Six to eight ounces an hour should be good for most people. Notice I said “per hour”. Drinking two liters when you first wake up doesn’t count - it goes right through you.

Number two is just as easy. Eat something raw with every meal. That’s it. Plain and simple. Fruit with breakfast, a couple of carrot sticks with lunch, a salad with dinner and you should be set. I could go into the science here, but only nerds like me would appreciate it. Trust me, your pancreas will thank you.

Lastly, chew your food. Our digestive systems are so grotesquely overworked from over processed, under chewed food. Carbohydrates should be almost completely digested before you swallow. Yes, that apple should be almost juice before you swallow (I know you just said “gross”, but it’s true). Three chews is not enough.

These few simple changes can make such a big impact on your health. You’d be amazed at the increase in energy and sometimes the decrease in your waist from just following these three simple rules. Want more information? Just ask.

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