Emotion Code

"Emotional stress is a major cause of physical illness, from cancer to autoimmune conditions and many other chronic diseases. The brain and body systems that process emotions are intimately connected with the hormonal apparatus, the nervous system, and in particular the immune system."   
- Dr. Gabor Maté 

A growing body of evidence shows that this past stress, from events, injuries, encounters, emotional reactions, can all get trapped in our physical bodies, sometimes for decades.  The result of these trapped emotions and faulty beliefs about ourselves can cause a plethora of unwanted and painful symptoms including  blocking the flow of health, loving relationships and prosperity in our lives.

Dr. Brad Nelson, developed a therapy system whereby your body can release and completely reverse both the trapped stress and the symptoms resulting from that energetic interference. 

We offer this therapy system which is completely confidential, non-invasive, totally safe and takes little time and effort on your part.  No digging up the past or reexperiencing these often painful emotions.

These sessions are conducted remotely via telephone. 
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Many who have experienced The Emotion Code report having positive outcomes with:

Easing Physical Discomfort

Get relief from distress and suffering, and alleviate their potential causes.

Love and Relationships

Remove barriers to love and increase your ability to connect.

Creating More Success

Healing Generations

Experience more abundance and open the door to prosperity.

It's possible to heal your own energy, as well as that of past and future generations.  (Think DNA and genes)

Helping Animals

You can even help pets and other animals feel and function better.

Emotion Code Session

These sessions will be conducted remotely by phone.  After determining what you would like to work on, we will ask your subconscious mind, using muscle testing, and will clear energetic imbalances we find as we find them.


$75 -  Sessions usually last about half an hour.   

Theraputic Massage - Wellness -  Prenatal Massage - Energetic healing - Aromatherapy - Deep Tissue - Swedish Massage - NMT - Sports Massage - Back Pain

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