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Meet Your Therapists.


We're different people, with a single passion.

Kit Headshot.JPG
Kit Elliott
Emotional and Energetic Healing
Wellness Coaching


Kit has been a lifelong student of wellness.  She began her ministry working with children with learning disabilities and behavior disorders.  She and her husband have raised 36 children over the course of 26 years.  It was while she was working with children in the Autistic spectrum she realized the importance of body work and holistic healing. 


Since leaving full-time children's ministry in 2010 she's been able to focus on severe spinal cord injuries, chronic pain syndromes, structural issues and those struggling with stress. 


She still works with the Special Needs Population and enjoys doing pediatric massage.


She loves life and enjoys helping others find the joy in health and healthy living!  When it's cold outside, you're almost sure to find her enjoying a cup of Earl Grey tea, a cozy fire, and a Jane Austin novel.

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