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Coronavirus Response

Just a quick note to share that we are taking action to ensure your health. We want to make sure that your body and mind are able to continue receiving the care and relaxation it needs now more than ever - without concern.

Here is what we are doing to protect our clients and ourselves:

  • Monitored office cleaning.

    Before opening, between clients, and after our doors close, we clean all surfaces that may be touched, including floors, door handles, chairs, lotion bottles and light switches.  

  • Washing Hands

    Each of us are strictly following a hand washing protocol before and after each session and after touching any sheets, bottles, or any other objects that may have possible contamination.

  • Face Mask

        We will be wearing face masks when we are working near your face and you are face up.  We change them between             each client.


  • Clearing Bad Energy 

       These are stressful times. Let US take care of YOU! We encourage you to make an appointment and to allow yourself             some time to escape the madness with a relaxing massage with the certainty of knowing you are safe in our squeaky             clean rooms.

See you soon!



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